Graham McTavish


Festival Marquee
Fri 30 Sep
18:00 UK

Actor and Outlander star Graham McTavish comes to Wigtown to talk about his Highland explorations, which led to The Sunday Times bestseller Clanlands, written with fellow actor Sam Heughan.

It’s a journey that saw the two men explore Highland history and various modes of transportation, from boat to bicycle, kayak to motorbike. Throw in the odd near death experience and a lot of whisky and you have quite the adventure. Along the way the two men discovered more about the beauty of their native land and the nature of male friendship. McTavish is passionate about Scottish history and he will bring all his rambunctious energy and enthusiasm to the Book Festival. Not to be missed.

About the Author
Glaswegian actor Graham McTavish has been a regular on television and in films since the 1980s. He appeared in Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, but is best known for playing Dougal and Buck MacKenzie in Outlander.

Copies of Graham McTavish's book Clanlands are available here.

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