Murray Pittock

Scotland: The Global History

Festival Marquee
Sat 1 Oct
13:30 UK

Scotland is one of the oldest nations on Earth, yet by some it is hardly considered a nation at all, its history often reduced simply to a component part of Britain’s wider story. Murray Pittock is here to set that right. He’ll be discussing his wide-ranging and authoritative history of Scotland’s influence on the world and the world’s on Scotland from the Thirty Years War to the present day, a tale of innovation, exploration, resistance, surprising diversity and global consequence. How, even after the country disappeared from the map as an independent state, did it continue to build a global brand?

About the author

Murray Pittock is Bradley Professor and Pro Vice-Principal of the University of Glasgow, where he has held senior leadership positions since 2008. His many books include Culloden and The Myth of the Jacobite Clans.

Copies of Murray Pittock's book Scotland: The Global History are available here.

Copies of Murray Pittock's book Culloden are available here.

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