Esa Aldegheri

Free To Go

County Buildings
Sun 2 Oct
12:00 UK

In 2006, Esa Aldegheri and her partner left their home in Orkney, jumped on a motorbike and set off around the world. Over 18 months they crossed 20 international borders in Europe and Asia, travelling through India, Pakistan, China and beyond, a journey that would be impossible now. Along the way, Aldegheri learned much about herself and the position of women in the countries she travelled through. This is a chance to hear her story, one full of adventure and exploration and self-revelation. Discover why you don’t have to take the pillion seat in life.

About the Author

Esa Aldegheri studied Arabic at Edinburgh University and has worked in the Middle East and Europe. She currently works as a researcher on migration at the University of Glasgow. Free To Go is her first book.

Copies of Esa Aldegheri's book Free To Go are available here.