Marina Cantacuzino


Festival Marquee
Sun 2 Oct
10:30 UK

There is nothing easy about forgiveness. To forgive asks much of those who offer it and of those who receive it. It is a powerful, profound and risky concept. The founder of The Forgiveness Project, Marina Cantacuzino, knows exactly how much. Over the years, she has talked to victims and perpetrators of violence and to those who have lost loved ones. She has discussed the idea of forgiveness with an Auschwitz survivor, as well as a former combatant during the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the daughter of one of his victims.
What does forgiveness mean in the contemporary world? How does it play out in international politics and in the hearts of individuals? What can it offer to our physical and mental health? And how might we break the cycle of suffering? This event promises to be one of the most emotionally powerful at this year’s festival.

About the author 

Journalist and peace activist Marina Cantacuzino set up the charity The Forgiveness Project to collect and share real stories of forgiveness. Emma Thompson, Richard Holloway and Alexander McCall Smith are among many to have praised her latest book, Forgiveness (Simon & Schuster).

Copies for Marina Cantacuzino's book Forgiveness are available here.