Chitra Ramaswamy


County Buildings
Sat 1 Oct
16:30 UK
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Journalist Chitra Ramaswamy has a story to tell about friendship. Back in 2011 she was sent to interview Henry Wuga, a refugee from Nazi Germany who arrived on the Kindertransport in 1939. She found herself returning to visit nonagenarian Henry and his wife a few weeks later, the first of many such visits.

Born in 1970s Britain, Ramaswamy is the daughter of Indian immigrants. Like Wuga, she knows what it is like to grow up in a country where some think you are a foreigner. What do words like home and belonging mean in this context? And how can friendship change our position in the world?

About the author

Chitra Ramaswamy is an award-winning journalist whose first book, Expecting: The Inner Life of Pregnancy won the Saltire First Book of the Year award and was shortlisted for the Polari Prize. She lives in Edinburgh with her partner, two young children and a rescue dog.

Copies of Chitra Ramaswamy's book Homelands are available here.

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