Christine Pillainayagam

Ellie Pillai is Brown

The Print Room
Sat 24 Sep
16:30 UK
£0.00 to £7.50

Join singer-songwriter Christine Pillainayagam as she introduces her hilarious YA debut novel, Ellie Pillai is Brown. You'll hear about Ellie’s disastrous experiences navigating first love, strict parents, friendship and a dramatic personality. Plus, you'll learn all the ingredients needed to write your own lyrics in this fun-filled interactive workshop.

About the Author

Christine Pillainayagam is a writer and retail strategist, who lives in North London with her young family and a collection of records, CD’s and minidiscs (remember those?). A mild obsession with The Beatles and the desire to write a story that reflected her own experiences growing up as a first-generation immigrant, led her to put that love of music and words into a book. Ellie Pillai Is Brown, is her debut novel.

Copies of Christine Pillainayagam's book Ellie Pillai is Brown are available here.